Are you interested in competition?

If you and your young archer are interested in competition, this is a great website to bookmark:

Cal Archery maintains a calendar of archery competitions and events within the state of California which you can utilize to plan your archer’s entry into the world of competitive archery.

Some of our JOAD Club members and alumni attend many of these events. Reach out to Coach Woody if you would like to discuss how these competitions work and the possibility of caravaning or meeting up with familiar faces at an event.

Ohlone JOAD Winter Tournament is This Saturday 3/2/19 !

Hi JOAD Families,

Just a quick reminder that the tournament is this Saturday.

We have 2 time slots, 9am and 11am.  You should have a confirmation email, but if you need a reminder on which time you signed up for please feel free to reach out.

We have a lot of newbies this tournament, so I want to give you a heads up on what to expect:
– Arrive a few minutes early so that your archer can set up equipment, stretch out, mentally prepare and get the full benefit of practice.

– Upon arrival please see Woody to sign in and pay the remaining balance of $20 in cash or check.
– Members of the Ohlone JOAD Club are welcome to use our club equipment. if they have a favorite bow, show up on time because it will be first come, first served.

– The archers will compete based on the age groups defined by USA Archery.       We have 3 classes represented this weekend: Bowman, Cub, Cadet.
– The tournament will be organized as follows:
– 10 ends of 3 arrows = 30 arrows
– 10 minute break
– 10 ends of 3 arrows = 30 arrows for a total of 60 arrows shot
– There will be upper and lower targets on each bale. One 30 arrow round will be shot at the upper target, the other on the lower.  Everyone will shoot both target locations.
– Shooting Lanes and upper/lower will be randomly assigned.
– The first 30 arrows counts as the USA Archery Virtual Tournament score for USA Archery members.
– The total score for all 60 arrows will determine the overall Ohlone JOAD Winter Tournament winners for each age class.
– Ties will be determined based on 10’s, we are not counting X’s.
– If you are not a member of Ohlone JOAD Club, please bring your USA Archery membership number so I can ensure your archer gets credit for their score.  I cannot see membership #’s for people who aren’t in my club.
– Trophies will be awarded at the end of the 11am group.  If anyone is not present to receive an award I will reach out to you to ensure you have a chance to pick it up at your next visit to Ohlone Archery or Ohlone JOAD Club.
– USA Archery Virtual Tournament scores are due on March 15th.  Don’t expect to see the national results for a few weeks after that.  It is a very manual process for them to compile the results.
– USA Archery will award the VT class winners directly.
– USA Archery only allows each archer to score once for the VT.  If your archer is signed up for both time slots, their first 30 arrows will count for the VT as  mentioned above.
Depending on how many volunteers we have, I may ask parents to assist with score-keeping.  The more score-keepers we have, the easier these events flow.  If you feel comfortable helping out, please let Woody know when you sign in.
Thank You and please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions,
Coach Woody