USA Archery Announces Indoor National Events

Hi JOAD Families,

If you and your young archer are interested in competition, we have received the dates and locations for the national indoor JOAD competitions for 2020.

There are a host of locations across the country, with 3 falling into California.

The competitions nearest to us are:

  • January 3-5 Tulare, CA
  • February 14-16  Sacramento, CA

If you are interested in traveling to Southern California to compete at Chula Vista or in potentially visiting other states, you can reach out to Coach Woody for more info or visit the USA Archery website and peruse the events calendar.


To compete in these events, you dont have to be nationally ranked or even competitive.  I think the experience of competing with other talented kids is wonderful and will be inspirational for your child in their archery journey.  The prerequisites for competition are really only 2 things:

  1. You own your own equipment
  2. Your archer is able to shoot at 20 yards (the deepest target locations at Ohlone Archery)

Reach out to Coach Woody if you would like to discuss making progress towards this goal, hooking up with other local families who will be traveling to events, etc.


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