USA Archery Virtual Tournament Registration is Live!

Hi Archers and Families,

Registration for the USA Archery Q4 Virtual Tournament is now live!  Follow this link to register:

The cost is $10 per archer payable to Coach Woody in person.

There will be a single scoring event on Saturday, December 16, 2017 from 11:00-12:00pm.  Each archer is only allowed to score once.

Archers will shoot a standard tournament indoor round of 30 arrows (10 ends – 3 arrows each.)  Tie breakers will be determined by 10’s and if still tied by 9’s (X’s do not apply.)

All archers participating in the tournament must be registered members of a USA Archery JOAD, Collegiate, or Adult Archery Program Club.  This means that simply coming to Ohlone JOAD meeting on Saturdays is not a qualifying factor, you must go to USA Archery’s website, purchase a membership, and register as a member of Ohlone JOAD Club (if you have no other club affiliation.)

This is an indoor tournament shot at either 9m or 18m meters depending on your class and age.  Register early so that we can give your archer time to practice at the appropriate distance/target leading up to the tournament:

Division (Men  & Women) Distance Target
Recurve Yeoman   (9 & under) 9m 60cm
Recurve Bowman (10-12) 18m 60cm
Recurve Cub           (13-14) 18m 60cm
Recurve Cadet       (15-17) 18m 40cm
Recurve Junior       (18-20) 18m 40cm
Barebow Yeoman    (9 & under) 9m 60cm
Barebow Bowman   (10-12) 18m 60cm
Barebow Cub             (13-14) 18m 60cm
Barebow Cadet         (15-17) 18m 40cm
Barebow Junior        (18-20) 18m 40cm

Any further questions, please reach out to Coach Woody or (510)206-8715